24hr Fast Track Range

When time is of the essence, you can rely on our express Fast Track Range. Get 24 hour express turnaround* at competitive prices, while receiving the high quality, locally made restorations you have come to know and expect from Andent. 

The 24 hour crowns are available in 4 superior materials, for cases up to 3 units. Simply send us your digital scans and we will dispatch your case the next day.

  • IPS e.max® CAD: “All ceramic, all you need”
  • VITA ENAMIC®: “Hybrid ceramic, which combines positive characteristics of ceramics and composites”
  • Gold, Non-Precious: “Long-lasting material with high tensile strength.”
  • Titanium: “Truly biocompatible and great tissue response.”

*limit 3 units per case, digital cases only.

Aesthetics Refer to chosen material
Strength Refer to chosen material
In-lab time 1 in-lab day
Process Refer to chosen material
Occlusal Clearance Refer to chosen material

Dental Professionals This information is intended for dental health professionals only. Please contact your dental health practitioner on potential treatment options suitable for your specific requirements.