Hybrid PMMA Implant Restoration

Andent Dental Laboratory’s Hybrid PMMA Implant Restoration is milled as one solid unit. It uses multi-layer PMMA, integrated with a precision milled titanium implant frame.

The combination Titanium/PMMA edentulous full mouth implant restoration has proved to be an excellent restoration, highly aesthetic and remaining functional over many years.

In-lab time 10 to 14 in-lab days
Process Designed and milled using CAD / CAM
Occlusal Clearance N/A

Key Characteristics​

  • A cost-effective option
  • Precision milled titanium frame
  • High strength and biocompatible Titanium frame
  • Solid high strength milled PMMA that provides both resilience, function and aesthetics
  • PMMA is easily replaced over existing frame, in minimal time
  • Interchangeable with other materials should it be required in the future
  • Try-in resin printed bridge available prior to commencing final restoration

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