Terms and Conditions

Where Andent agree to replace the product, the new item must be of the same material as the original. Substitute materials will not be accepted. The guarantee is subject to the following conditions.

  1. The guarantee is valid from date of dispatch to the customer.
  2. The damaged crown/bridge must be returned to Andent for inspection.
  3. The item will be remade for the customer for no charge, except that semi-precious or high precious metals used in the remake will be charged for, new abutments or parts associated with Implant cases will be charged for, and a postage and handling fee will apply to the dispatch of the replacement item.
  4. The guarantee extends to the replacement product provided, except where in the view of Andent the material selected by the customer has a higher than usual chance of fracture.


Andent reserves the right to void the warranty, if in its sole judgment the damage has not been caused as a result of the manufacturing process.
There is no written guarantee on removable prosthodontics such as dentures/splints. Andent will assess each case to determine whether a full or partial refund, or a replacement part will be provided.