Andent’s range of custom-made mouthguards are manufactured to suit the type of activity undertaken by your patient – to help deliver the desired level of protection, while ensuring ultimate comfort.

Our range includes:

Single Laminate Mouthguards

  • For low impact sports (basketball, soccer, little league sports) and crowded and misaligned teeth
  • Specifically for individuals aged 5-10 years.

Double Laminate Mouthguard

  • For medium-to-low impact sports (AFL, rugby, hockey).
  • For individuals aged 10+ years.

Professional Sports Mouthguard

  • For high-impact sports (boxing, karate, kick boxing, taekwondo).
  • For individuals aged 13+ years.
Strength Varies from 1 - 5
In lab time 3 in lab days
Process Thermoformed to your stone model or
resin printed from a digital scan (Double and Professional only)

Our mouthguards can be produced in a wide variety of different colours
and names can also be printed on mouthguards, if requested.

Dental Professionals This information is intended for dental health professionals only. Please contact your dental health practitioner on potential treatment options suitable for your specific requirements.