Partial Dentures

Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures offer a more comfortable, aesthetic, and easier-to-insert option than metal-based partial dentures. They are minimally invasive and ideal for patients with acrylic or metal allergies. However, they are contraindicated if vertical clearance is under 4.0mm or if abutment teeth have minimal undercuts. Note that flexible dentures may stain, develop odour over time, and be difficult to adjust, with no option to add additional teeth once fabricated.

Cast Framework

Metallic or cast frameworks are customised from various alloys to meet patients’ needs. The most popular is cobalt chrome, known for its success in RPDs. Titanium frameworks are light, flexible, and non-allergenic but require more bulk for strength and don’t polish as well as chrome.

We offer two material options for partial dentures: full acrylic or acrylic with metal. These options are available in both standard and high-impact variants.

Metal, Tooth-Coloured or Clear Clasps

In addition to metal options, we offer durable and aesthetic metal-free alternatives. Our acetal resin Dental D Clasps DurAcetal™ and thermoplastic VisiClear™ (both from Myerson Tooth Company) provide excellent choices.

Metal clasps are typically wrought but can also be cast and made from gold.

Dental D tooth-colored clasps are a durable, aesthetic, and metal-free acetal resin alternative, available in various tooth and tissue colors, including nine gingival shades. They are not suitable for load-bearing situations.

VisiClear™ clear clasps are made from a strong, flexible, and stain-resistant thermoplastic material that is monomer and nylon-free. They are comfortable, easy to reline or add to, and enhance aesthetics and strength when combined with a chrome-cobalt framework and conventional acrylic saddles.